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Boys Beginners

Champions United Boys Recreational Classes are for beginning level boys 5 to 12 years of age.  Designed for the beginners, students learn gymnastics basic terminology, beginning skills on all 4 Olympic events, enjoy additional time on one of our many trampoline stations, and have the greatest opportunity to develop strength, body awareness, coordination, flexibility, socialization, self-esteem and love for sport and develop healthy habits for life. Champions United offers the newest and most well equipped facility for proper and safe instruction at every event. Instructed by our professional gymnastics staff, every child will develop the necessary tools to continue into the next level of our program and secure a base for an exciting and rewarding gymnastics experience.

Boys Intermediate

Boys Intermediate Classes are for 5 to 14 years old.  Continuing the developmental system of recreational gymnastics in a safe and progressive manner, the Intermediate students will receive professional instruction of more challenging skills, experience a greater spectrum of event options, and gain the experience and skills necessary to one day move into the advanced gymnastics program!  With state of the art equipment, the best professional staff, and environment of positive coaching and constant rewards, every student will not only develop their gymnastics ability, but a love for sport and health!

Boys Advanced

Boys Advanced Classes are for ages 5 to 18 years old. As the final steps of our recreational gymnastics development system, the Advanced level students receive instruction from our most experienced recreational staff members, learn advanced gymnastics skills, and develop the requirements for mobility into competitive preparation groups if they choose that direction in the future. These students get to enjoy the greatest spectrum of full equipment use, the safest and most progressive teaching system, and additional gym time to continue the development and retention of skills achieved.